Monday, November 30, 2009

So, I'm doing this because?

Hi there!

My name is David. I'm nineteen and an aspiring writer. This is a blog in response to Josie Long's "One Hundred Days To Make Me A Better Person" pledge.

Josie is a gorgeous British comedian who has put together a very creative idea that she wants as many people as possible to take up:

From December 1st, myself and a group of comedians, writers and musicians will be trying to make ourselves better, every day, for a hundred days. Some will be working towards a big project, like learning a language, and others will be doing the same something, like writing a letter each day.

As the days go on we’ll be documenting and posting our experiences here, as well as on our flickr and twitter accounts.

On March 10th, we will present our experiences, and perform some of the things we’ve made at a spectacular gig for the London Word Festival. The gig will feature a gallery space for people to show off their own projects and all kinds of hi-jinks.

Naturally, I found the whole thing fascinating. So I signed up under the alias Obsolete and posted:
Obsolete will listen to a song that I have never heard before in my life.
That's right. For the next one hundred days, I am going to listen to one hundred songs that I've never listened to before.

The rules are simple:
  1. The song must never have been listened to before.
  2. The artist, preferably, should follow suit - though bands I already know is fine.
  3. Regardless of whether I like it or not, I must blog about it.
And that's where it's at.

So, tomorrow we start on our adventure. This is gonna get colourful (and quite possibly ugly) very quickly, so brace yourselves.

If you have any recommendations of songs, please send them through to

Thanks for reading, here goes nothing!