Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Song #83: Rolo Tomassi - "The French Motel"


These kids kicked of Soundwave over on the joint 5 and 6 stages. There were a couple of troubles with sound, but once they got into the swing of it, they were fucking awesome. See that cute little blonde girl? She can scream better than you and nearly every other throaty dude on the bill. It was terrifying and terrific at the same time.

The French Motel is one of the tracks they played that is going to be on their second album, due out a little later this year. Apparently cats like M.I.A. and Santogold are going to be producing and stuff, which is pretty cool. As per the "norm" with these guys (if there is such a thing), there is a shitload of musical movements and progressions, complete with dual vocals, big guitar and quick flips in tempo that keep everything engaging and exciting. This lot are definitely ones to watch out for this year.


The new record should be out within the next quarter.


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