Sunday, March 7, 2010

Song #90: Luka Bloom - "The Acoustic Motorbike"

Got Luka Bloom's Platinum Collection CD for nine dollars at JB Hi-Fi. I saw him on Spicks and Specks ages ago and thought he looked really cool, so I was interested to see how a collection of his songs would pan out. There's some wonderful songs in there - he knows how to make a very heartfelt and lovely Irish folk tune. There's a couple of tracks that are pretty daggy, though. This track, the title track to his second album, is one of them.

It's a song about riding a bicycle (an "acoustic motorbike", geddit?). Instead of singing, though, Bloom does this weird semi-rap thing throughout the whole song. It's actually a little annoying at times, especially when the chorus comes through: "git off on yar boike!", he says in his thick Irish accent. It's kitshy, but still I guess it's a little bit of fun.



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