Sunday, March 7, 2010

Song #89: Slash featuring Andrew Stockdale - "By The Sword"

Just take a look at those two fucking pictures. Take a wild guess as to what a song with the former lead guitarist of Guns N Roses and the lead singer of Wolfmother is going to sound like. ROCK, maybe? Bang on the fucking money.

So you might not be big on the best-known stuff of either of these two, but this song is completely awesome. The lead guitar riff is godly, starting out on acoustic guitars and sounding somewhat medieval before kicking into some kind of electric overdrive and getting into a frenzy of fist-pumping warrior shit. Yep, just like Wolfmother's first album. It's a great sound the two have gotten together here - Slash gets some great solos and licks throughout the whole thing and Stockdale himself sounds the best he has vocally in years. It's pretty dumb music from a lyrical perspective ("To live and die by the sword!"), but switch off your brain and rock out on this one. So worth it.


Slash's solo album is out later this year. Stream the track here.


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